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Supported Cameras

Experience the lifelike reality of reversal film

Mamiya series

Supported Camera:

Mamiya RB67(series), Mamiya RZ67(series), Mamiya Universal.

Recommend lens focal length:

50mm, 90mm, 127mm

“I think the EMP is the best cost performance accessories of Mamiya RB67”

Silver Halogenated 540Mamiya RB67 User

Hasselblad series

Supported Camera:

Hasselblad 500 series (500CM, 500C, 503CW...)

Hasselblad 200 Series (201F, 203FE, 205FCC, 205TCC...)

Recommend lens focal length: 80mm

Hasselblad's lens flange distance is relatively short, the projection area is about 50 inches. For larger projection area, EMP67 is a good choose.

“The product is very good, is considered to give the film machine to expand a new way to play, very worth trying”

Little prophetHasselblad 500CM User

Bronica series

Supported Camera:

Bronica SQ, GS, EC, S2, ETR

Recommend lens focal length:

75mm, 50mm

“Thanks to Elevanfilm for developing such a cost-effective slide projector, I was really impressed to see the image projected from the reversal film for the first time.”

HBronica EC User

Rollei series

Supported Camera:

Rolleiflex TLR series:

2.8(A, B, C, D, E, F)

3.5(A, B, C, D, E, F)

Rolleiflex SLR series: Rolleiflex 6008

Recommend lens focal length: 80mm

“The seller is very responsible, film mounts are very good. Thanks to the seller's service and quality assurance”


Fujifilm series

Supported Camera:

Fuji GX680(series)

Recommend lens focal length:

80mm, 115mm

Graflok mount and Cambo Mount are not listed

Haven't found your camera?

EMP67 might be your best choose! With build-in high quality flat field lens, EMP67 has a very nice project image quality, more than 100 inch projection area.